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We are a woman-owned, small, family business wanting more than anything to bring clean, high-quality products that nurture, support, and empower all who use them. We are a business that is here to serve, and our highest priority is to limit environmental impact and bring joy to all our customers. Check us out!

Anointment Oils
Gem Balm Lips
Skin Care

Crystals, Nature, High Vibes

Skin Care Infusion

Nourish your skin with the most gentle and clean ingredients in skin care made to softly cleanse any skin type, especially sensitive skin. See your skin brighten, hydrate, and heal before your very eyes. Our ingredients from nature supports your skin by maintaining your natural skin oils, while so many cleansers today strip your skin. You have nothing to lose using our high-quality skin care line!

Cleansing Powder

Cleansing Oil

Environmentally Friendly
Made with Love
Natural Ingredients

High-Vibe Candles

Made with 100% beeswax, these candles are special and can fulfill a variety of needs, such a bringing comfort to the home, infusing nature into you space, or you need to raise the vibration of your home. Each has specific crystals and essential oil blends within the candle to hone and increase these candles energies and output. The ingredients are high-quality and completely natural and pure. These candles are powerful and give the most loving support on any day and at any time.


Crystals, Nature, High-Vibes

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What They Say

“I received this anointment oil (grounding & purifying time) as a gift and I absolutely love it. I wear it nearly everyday and when I do I feel very energized and renewed. I will be making a purchase and would recommend this product.” -Ludecea

“I never used to use anything but soap on my face. When I attended a facial party hosted by AHH, I was happily surprised at these products! Not only does my face feel and look healthier, doing the entire line of products daily helps me make time for ME and we all need time for self-care in our lives because it make us better able to help the world.” -Shelly