I did a general reading for this week about what obstacles many are facing and how to overcome them.  For these readings, I used a combination of several tarot/animal spirit decks.

The obstacle is lack of movement and direction, which stems from the mind.  In order to go from the imagination state of where we want to be to the physical manifestation state of where we want to be, it is all about how the mind is focused.  Lack of awareness of our thoughts and our patterns is the antithesis of focus that moves us toward our goals.

The Guides have pointed to a stagnate job or life situation that does not serve us
as a huge contributing factor to our lack of focus.  It is so difficult to
have the energy to pour into manifesting our dreams when our current situation
drains and/or keeps us in unhealthy patterns.   

The way to overcome this obstacle is facing the fact that we might unconsciously be
sabotaging our movement forward because we are afraid of change, even if it is
good change.  We are never as stuck as we believe we are.   

The Guides ask that we take physical action towards our dreams today, no matter how
small that action is. Read a book, take a class, take that step
that leads you to a brighter journey.  We are also asked to bring
awareness to what thoughts are bouncing around in our minds on a daily basis
and how those thoughts lead to unhealthy patterns that keep us down. Just
because we believe that life is a certain way, doesn’t mean it is.  A
change in belief leads to a change in life. 

Some of you may already be familiar with spirit animals.  Essentially, every
life form, every pattern that we see in nature around us is a teacher and a
facet of who we are.  The idea of spirit animals is looking to the
energetic essences of the animals around us and tuning into what we can learn
from those energetic essences.  This week’s spirit animal is the
eagle.  Tune into the facet of yourself that holds eagle energy to help
you overcome the obstacle the Guides have brought to our attention this week. 

The eagle represents strength, freedom, fierceness, and a noble spirit.  The
eagle is the master of focus, soaring high over fields and trees to spot the
smallest of prey.  The eagle puts all its weight and energy into diving
towards that prey with every fiber of it’s being.  Then, in between dives,
the eagle flies high with freedom under its wings and wind in its
feathers.  Our eagle energy asks us to throw everything we have into the
challenges before for the sake of transformation.  Our inner eagle begs us
to embrace change because we were meant to be free and fly like a bird on the

Love you all,