A painful part of my healing journey has been becoming aware of the poisons the industry puts in our cleaning products, shampoo, perfumes, makeup, skincare products and more because it’s hard to understand why a group of people would advertise, normalize and sell toxic products to people, knowing that what they sell is harmful.  One of the reasons the wellness movement is one of the fastest growing is because people are pushing back.  The United States seems to be the Darth Vader of the toxic skincare and cosmetic industry.  In cosmetics alone, the EU bans or restricts more than 1,300 chemicals while the US just bans or restricts 11!  With the lack of US regulations, it leaves the banning or restricting of harmful products in the hands of the US consumer.

The Medical Medium has done a lot in educating people about what these products do to us.  In his recent podcast, Killing You Smelly, he reveals how chemical fragrances, such as those found in scented candles, “are disabling your ability to smell and releasing vaporized toxins into the air you breathe. These vaporized toxins then burden the lungs, building up a waxy, oily, chemical residue in your lung sacs and this may potentially reduce oxygen capacity.”  The artificial scents also burden the liver as well, resulting “in reduced liver function and dehydration.”

The reaction of my skin to standard personal care products can certainly attest to how hard these products are on the body.  I get eczema breakouts…bad. To get these toxins out of your body, it can take three to six months of Medical Medium protocols and cleanses.  Those cleanses can be hard work so we want to do whatever we can to not expose ourselves in the first place!

A quick guide on purchasing non-toxic, clean products:

  • The first rule of thumb when looking at personal care products is to be cautious when you are buying water-based products because those products may require a hefty dose of preservatives to keep microbes from growing in the water.  Alcohol is sometimes used as a preservative, but it can be a major skin irritant.  Then there are preservatives that are considered greener, but may still be harmful.  In our toners, we use a combination of high-quality colloidal silver, essential oils, and hydrosols which, together, create a shelf-stable product, but the shelve life is much shorter than a product with preservative in it, which is why our toner and hydrosols are practically made to order.
  • When you’re buying creams and lotions, look for ones that are just made from high-quality plant oils and have no petroleum-based products in them Simpler is better.
  • Make sure that any fragrances are essential oils, not synthetic fragrances.  Oils from plants can be extremely shelf-stable, even with no preservatives at all!   


In the end, because personal care items in the US are so unregulated, you need to buy from companies you trust.

Being cautious consumers is the only way we can protect ourselves and our families, and knowing that when we buy from companies that stand on the same principals as we do, such as caring for the environment and formulating products that help not hurt, we are helping to create a world that moves us all forward.  We love being part of this community with you.  We love hearing how our products helped you on your healing journey.  That’s why we do what we do! 

Thanks to all of you and many blessings xxxooo

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