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Ancient Harmony Healing Our Story

Our Story

Ancient Harmony Healing (AHH) is a family run wellness company, founded by five women. Each of us has experienced a chronic illness ranging from eczema to Lupus that we have healed using properties from nature: medicinal foods and herbs, crystals, essential oils, and light energy.

Inspired by the Medical Medium who influenced our journey to healing our chronic illnesses, we created a company that reflects our belief that living well means honoring our bodies, minds and spirits with only healthy, high-vibrational, natural products. We strive to bring products into this world that empower, inspire, and support the highest intentions for all. Our family has been dedicated to spiritual and light energy work for four generations, and using the teachings passed down to us, everything we make is created in a sacred space of light and love.

Our Intention Line, created in May of 2018, primarily came out of Erin’s struggle with working full time in a high stress law firm while attending law school at night.  Focusing on healing the mind, this line was created as a way for busy people to do mini meditations and use intentional thinking to manifest the lives they want. Over one year later, in November of 2019, after using herbs and ingredients in nature to sooth severe eczema our Sensitive Skincare Line was born.

Our healing journeys have not only given us the gift on how to heal naturally, but have given us the passion and inspiration to create natural wellness products for everyone to heal, feel beautiful in their own skin and connect mind, body and spirit. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them for you. 

Many blessings! xx

Nature heals the body, mind and soul – Anthony William

Meet the Team

Shannon Czaja

Shannon Czaja


Sun: Pisces, Moon: Gemini, Ascendant: Virgo

My healing has been a long winding road, and an ongoing process. I am happy to say that I have been able to heal Lupus, Endometriosis, irregular periods and painful menstrual cycles, ovarian cyst and fibroids, and infertility through Medical Medium protocols/cleanses, MM lifestyle, and light energy. I am still working on my low-grade fatigue, UTI issues, and dry skin. 

Ancient Harmony Healing is about healing with harmony, trust, and empowerment. I meditate at least once every day to stay connected and check in with myself about where I am with my body, mind, spirit, and soul. Also, listening to Joseph Communications every day helps me to stay connected. I truly believe that we need each other and asking for help has always been challenging for me but is so necessary!

My wish is for anyone who connects with us is to use what we offer as a tool to empower themselves holistically and compassionately. I am particularly fond of Grounding and Purifying Time Anointment Oil and Alone Time Bath Soak. Powerful stuff! I pretty much use all our delicious products and recommend them to everyone on planet Earth.

I am an artist and still strive to find my voice in my artwork by exploring my inner world and channeling the unseen in my artwork. I find the power of belief is a common theme in all my artistic endeavors. Much love and many blessings! Shannon xo


Annika Moreda

Annika Moreda


Sun: Aries, Moon: Gemini,  Ascendant: Gemini

I am healing from many symptoms but my most motivating one has been eczema. I started using Medical Medium protocols to heal using foods and supplements. After incorporating an abundance of high vibrational living foods, I started connecting to my purpose more deeply than ever. I am so grateful that purpose is woven throughout this company we have created on the basis of healing ourselves and helping others to do the same.

Coming into my light so quickly after living such a high vibe lifestyle has taught me that I have always been clairvoyant and an empath. This is why AHH is my absolute dream job. As I manage our social media platforms I get to connect with others who have walked a similar path, whether at the beginning or the middle I am here to support them. I also had the privilege of formulating our Sensitive Skin Care line with Erin, as I have the most persistent eczema on my face. It made me the perfect tester for our successes and flops alike to bring you a line that is truly suitable for those with the most sensitive skin like myself.

I genuinely love and use all of our products daily, I can say I love our Intention Line as it helps keep me clear-headed when life seems overwhelming and our skincare line is a breath of fresh air after struggling to find anything that was ok to put on my worst of eczema flare-ups. I am an Aries through and through, my Ascending sign as well as my moon sign are in Gemini guiding me to be a positive communicative being who loves to learn!

Erin Morales

Erin Morales


Sun: Aquarius, Moon: Capricorn, Ascendant: Pisces

Medical Medium gave me faith that I and others could heal.  When I found his information, I felt like I’d been handed a precious key to unlock the secrets of how to happily exist on planet Earth!  I am currently healing or have healed eczema, chronic fatigue, mild anxiety, mystery weight gain, mild IBS, swollen/painful joints and severe brain fog. 

I am a medium and an intuitive healer and use my ability to channel information that we share on our blog and on videos and in the formulation of our products.  I have been a spiritual seeker since the day I was born and I love sharing all the support and wisdom that has been shared with me to help other people heal.

I would love to see Ancient Harmony Healing reach as many people as possible to spread Medical Medium information and to build and provide a supportive community of healers and the healing.

Although I love all our products, the Home Comfort Candle is one of my favorites for building a peaceful environment.  I also feel I could not find another skincare line that takes care of my super sensitive skin the way our skincare line does!  I also love Grounding and Purifying Time Intention Spray as a space elevator.

A fun fact about me is that I am an avid dog lover.  I have four beautiful four-legged babies that my husband and I take on doggy adventures every night.  We are also working on bringing in a two-legged baby into the world and can’t wait for our child to share in our sincere, deep love and commitment to the wellbeing of animals.

Cindy McDonell

Cindy McDonell


Sun: Virgo, Moon: Virgo, Ascendant: Virgo

Hi everyone, this is Cindy and I am one of the co-founders of Ancient Harmony Healing.   I believe everyone comes in with certain issues that they need to heal and work through in this lifetime.  One of my greatest challenges has been weight issues.  Years and years of dieting with a yo-yo effect is not fun.  Through these wonderful members of Ancient Harmony Healing, I was introduced to Anthony William, the Medical Medium.  We all started following his food protocols and for the first time in my life, I am able to keep my weight under control. Along with Medical Medium I have found many healing tools in Ancient Harmony Healing.  I use and love all our products every day and find the Intention Sprays so helpful in keeping myself grounded.

Other tools I use to connect come in the form of books by Micheal Reccia called “The Joseph Communications”.  These books really changed the way I look at life.  They have also taught me how important it is to take time every day to meditate in order to surround myself, others, and the world with light.  

The members of our company work so well together because we are all very intuitive but have different skill sets.  We really believe in the power of the Divine and how this power can help all of us to heal.  Our products reflect this, and my greatest wish is they will help others in their healing journey. 

In my astrological chart, I have many planets in the sign of Virgo.  This makes me very detail-oriented and a great support person.  This fits very well in our company because I love and am able to perform the background tasks that make a company work. 

I also love astrology and used to watch my great-grandmother, who was an astrologer, put together amazing charts by hand.  Putting together a chart is a lot easier today but learning the meanings of the planets and aspects and how they work together in order to help others, is one of my lifelong projects.

Lindsey Opitz

Lindsey Opitz


Sun: Libra, Moon: Virgo, Ascendant: Cancer

I am the fifth co-founder of Ancient Harmony Healing. Medical Medium information not only continues to help me heal EBV and stomach sensitivities but has helped me awaken spiritually and has guided me to the AHH team. With the support of our products and each woman founder I know I am on my true healing path.

The gift that I bring to AHH is my ability to connect to our community members by marketing with compassion and love. When I connect and ground myself through nature I am most attuned to my energetic gift and can translate this to our community.

My wish is that our products and knowledge support and connect people through their healing journey and beyond. I wish for you to feel beautiful in your body, to feel connected to your highest intentions, and to use our products to surround yourself with love and light. 

Grounding and Purifying Time! Intention Spray is one of my favorites!. This was one of our very first products and there is no denying the beautiful energy you feel in this bottle. If you are new to our products, I definitely recommend this as a first-time purchase. 

Fun Fact: through my healing journey and following MM protocols I am more connected to my body than ever before. I am more sensitive to smells, my sense memory has skyrocketed, my anxiety has completely eased, and I am more compassionate with myself and the people around me.