All About Quartz Crystal: From Earth’s center to our Hands

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Gemstones have been considered special treasures throughout history, stretching into the present day, where they are used for decoration, body adornment, and spiritual/ritual purposes.



It’s because they are! Crystal formations have been around since the very beginning of the planet’s existence through the process of underground pressure and other natural events. Each crystal goes through a unique process of development, which creates its special energy and attributes. For example, the quartz crystal is formed in the earth’s center, amid molten and hot gases and rises to the Earth’s surface because of stress occurring from plate movement. This crystal then solidifies as it reaches the surface. Depending on the process, different types of crystalline structures are formed.

All About Quartz Crystal


In the White Light Candle, we use clear quartz crystal to attune more powerfully to the statement of intention: “May this light clear all darkness and emanate a halo of safety and protection around me and those I love.” Quartz crystals are powerhouses, with the ability to transmute energy to the highest frequency possible. They can clear any blocked or lower energies and can literally channel white light into any space, if properly cleared. They can also create a peaceful, stable, harmonious environment and enhance the powers of the essential oils and beeswax of the candle. This crystal attunes to spiritual purpose and creates harmony with all the chakras of the human body. Quartz crystals are master healers, so they not only create elevated energies in a space, but also in the body, mind, spirit, and soul, bringing everything back to balance.



At Ancient Harmony Healing, we clear and prepare our crystals to amplify the natural attributes of the crystal. First, we order our crystals from a sustainable, fair-trade source. Then we put the crystals in a sea salt solution in a glass container and place the glass container in the sun for at least six hours. If time permits, we leave the container outside all day and all night, so the crystals within get beautiful energies of the masculine sun and feminine moon. Then we place them in a glass kettle of boiling water for a few minutes then put the glass kettle with the crystals in the sun for at least another hour. Afterwards, we strain the crystals and store them with protective white light energies to retain the highest power and frequency. Once the crystals are cleared to this degree, we no longer handle them with our hands, but use grip tweezers to move them around. This is so our energies do not interfere with the crystals’ energies. At this point, the crystals are ready to be placed in our products! This process does an intense clearing and raises the vibration of the crystal to the highest possible point.

Beeswax Candles Ancient Harmony Healing

The White Light Candle emanates positive, beautiful energy into any space and the crystals play an integral role in enhancing the beautiful energetic attributes of the beeswax and essential oils. After we create the candle, we bring white source energy and set intention into the candle. Every step we take in creating this candle is purposely intended and we genuinely hope you enjoy this candle as much as we loved making it!

Many blessing xx,

The AHH Team


Are you familiar with quartz? Have you discovered its magical potential? Let us know in the comments below.



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