We love our crystals here at @ancientharmonyhealing!  Today I’d like to feature one of my personal favorites, the amethyst. One of the general themes you find when researching healing properties of an amethyst is that it is a protective stone that helps connect you to the higher vibrations.  Because of this assistance in connection, some people like to use it for meditation or channeling.  As a medium, I find that some amethysts hum when I put them in my hands, while others do not.  This could be because so many are grown in labs these days or maybe crystals are just like people, sometimes people connect and sometimes they don’t.  When I do find an amethyst that hums, it definitely helps me connect to ’the other side” with more ease and just makes me feel good in general.  So before you take a crystal home with you, see if you connect with it first, and always always always clear out whatever energy it has picked up before it found it’s home by putting it in sea salt and water and leaving it in a clear glass jar/cup in the sun for several hours.   

You can find amethysts in our Grounding and Purifying Time energy spray and in our Releasing the Shackles energy spray. 

Much love & many blessings,