Angels and their messages can come in the most unlikely places and times, the places that aren’t what you would recognize as spiritual and the times that seem every day.
My healing journey is full of self-compassion and understanding. Why did my eczema flare ups occur so severely? It made sense after reading ‪Anthony Williams @medicalmediumbooks. My toddlers and I follow his protocols. Celery juice every morning and heavy metal detox smoothies for all. Lots and lots of fruit and veg! My toddlers are made of healing foods and they know it intuitively and they crave them.
🍒I get a lot of judgement for my healing journey. People can’t understand why I bring my own dinner when we go places. They think that, when our 3 toddlers can’t have cake and ice cream, we are depriving them of childhood. Extended family can’t understand why I splurge on organic fruits and vegetables for us. At times I find myself hurt that people who have seen me suffer with debilitating eczema and then watched me heal still pass judgement.
🌟And as every good story begins…..At Costco I was in the refrigerated produce section stocking up on my weekly celery, fruits and veg. This beautiful women with wisdom-filled eyes approached me. We talked about juicing and how building my kids’ foundation with health was profoundly important because it can never be taken back. She thanked me for raising my children this way. I thanked her. I teared up. I wanted to hug her and let her know how much her message was needed but I couldn’t. I couldn’t bear to see or talk with her anymore without ugly crying. I didn’t want to scare her! She walked away and I thanked the angels for sending her, but as she walked away, it crossed my mind that she probably was an angel. I still tear up thinking about that magical moment. ✨