I have been getting a lot of channeled messages recently (several a day), but
they have been much more interactive than they used to be and I am able to stay
present when they come through and have more of a conversation with my
Messengers/Guides rather than just being a pure channel.  I will do a
complete post on how to channel and hear your Guides in the coming months
because I have been told that we are in a time and age where that level of
personal guidance is available to everyone, but this post will focus on what
could be considered step one to channeling: attunement.

Attunement is the ability to plug your energy into another energy so that you have access
to the information that energy has to offer you and so that you can also share
information that you may have with that energy.  Essentially, attuned
energies resonate together and exchange energy freely.  For example, when
a group of people meditate together with the same intention, they are attuning
to each other and their mutual intention, so their meditation becomes much more
powerful, but they don’t just have access to the power of the people meditating
with them, they also have access to the support and power of the consciousness
of people that have attuned to the same intention at any time or place in the
present or past.  They key is that you must intend to access that power
and support.

That is the reason the energy sprays, and bath salts, etc. have the potential to be
so powerful: because they are created to be a certain energy (aka resonance),
which is matched by the intention stated on the front of each bottle. 
When you state the intention with at least some amount of faith, you can choose
just to connect to the light energy in the bottle and your own light energy or
you can take it to the next level and connect to all energies that have
resonated on that frequency.

So when you use an intention, use it with the additional intention of accessing
the power of thoughts from us all.  It is important for us to feel this
level of community to know that we are not alone, and that this a form of us
loving each other and rising together, whether we have met each other or not in
our physical forms.  And you do not need our sprays or other products to
access all this power.  What we offer is just vehicle to help you.

And there is no need to be afraid of getting dark or heavy energy from one another
because you are not setting your intention to attune to that energy, so it
cannot and will not enter your energy field. This is why intentions are so
important.  Attunement is the ability to connect with an energy, while an
intention is the exercise of your free will to decide what that energy will be.

If you have any questions let me know, but I will be working diligently on getting
more and more messages out to you.

This is a journey.  Don’t try to control it by deciding what you think it
should look like.  Just step into it by intending to step into it and let
is manifest naturally.  Love you all!  Take care of each other!