Hello everyone! 

Today we did a brief video on clearing a space or the self. There are many ways of achieving this and today I mention sage, Palo santo stick, and our Get Out Of My Space Intention Spray.

When you choose what sage or Palo santo to buy, it’s important that it’s organic and fair trade, if possible.

Using clearing methods is so important because as we go about our day, we run into so many different energies and if we don’t release them from ourselves (or space) it can really weigh us down.

For anyone who considers themselves sensitive or empathetic, you should be clearing yourself everyday and your home at least once a week. There is no one way of clearing but if you are in a hurry or have busy days, I recommend having a clearing spray handy with you so you can be cleared throughout the day.

Thanks for watching and reading and hope you all have a beautiful day! ❤️