The Affirmations and Rituals of a Candle

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“May this light clear all darkness and emanate a halo of safety and protection around me and those I love.”



Light this candle at the beginning of your meditation. While lighting it, imagine the light within you being ignited. This light starts to emanate all around you, your space becoming clear of any negative energies or entities that may be present. It transmutes the negative and leaves behind clean, clear, white love-filled energy. You have now created a clear space to work and are ready to begin your session!

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We love using this candle to help with setting spaces for meditations, prayers, or with simply creating a loving environment. You can use this candle in your home to bring warmth and clarity. Light this candle when clearing a space or saging to help symbolize the beginning and end of the session. By lighting the White Light Candle at the beginning you are inviting in more light and increasing the strength of the session. Then, by gently blowing the candle out at the end, you are closing this session with love.

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I like to have this candle lit by my bed at night while I am reading. It brings a sense of peace and the aroma of essential oils and bees wax is calming, which helps me relax and brings on a deep sleep. I also light this candle when I am home and the vibe is off. For me, this looks like when my kids are overly whiny, or my husband comes home from work in a poor state of mind, or I am just having an “off” day personally. This candle brings ease to situations and clears the space of the negative energies that linger. It truly elevates the mood! As I light it, I watch my children relax, my husband unwind, and my “off” day suddenly shifts and I feel grounded again.

Transform your space from dark and heavy to light-filled by igniting this candle and speaking the affirmation. Bring peace to any space as discretely or loudly as you desire!


Have you tried our White Light Candle yet? What has your experience been? Let us know in the comments below.


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