Have any of you noticed that there are more angry people then ever?  Whether people are energetically pummeling each other over social gatherings or mask wearing during these times of COVID or just angry that they aren’t the only drivers on the road, as we approach the holiday season, anger is in the air.  Maybe it’s because anger is simple in that each participant believes there is a good and a bad, a right and a wrong, and they believe they are on the right side of the line.  There is no grey area, no reaching out of the point of view to consider underlying influences.  Anger is simple and invites action and the enticement that if one can just get their point across, things will be made right.
Anger can be intoxicating. Once it enters our being, it feels so difficult to choose a different direction until we feel “justice” has been done and, just like with any emotion, if we try to hold it at bay, it grows and grows until it has grown so big in our minds that we can’t help but act upon it.  And once it is out of us, it spreads like a plague, passing the energy from one person to the next because it is so hard to diffuse anger once it has been passed to you.


With things moving so quickly in this world and so much going on, is it too much to ask of us to diffuse anger?  I actually have no answer to that question or judgment surrounding it, but I do know that we would individually have better lives and the world would be a better place if we actively tried to diffuse it.


The key to diffusing any negative emotion is to not hold it at bay. Let it pass through you with the intention of staying grounded into the light within you.  Tell your mind that it might not know the whole story of what led someone to act in a way that angered you and that you choose to move in a different direction so you can cultivate a more joyful life for yourself.


And we really don’t know what leads people to act the way they do.  Maybe they have been dealing with chronic pain for years on end and they just can’t take it anymore, maybe someone they loved died, or maybe they are going mad with worry about how to financially support themselves.  We can have compassion for their suffering, whatever it is, can’t we?
I found Liver Rescue, by Anthony William, extremely illuminating when it comes to health problems creating anger.  He talks about how almost everyone has a sluggish liver from all the toxins we encounter throughout our lives, creating chronic illnesses of all kinds and also creating chronic anger…Wow!  Healthy livers are integral to our happiness, emotional stability, and health and the only way to get toxins out of our overburdened livers is to safely cleanse them out.  (Check out his Cleanse to Heal book for more info on how to do just that!)


So we can take control of our own emotional experience of this world by taking care of our health. Now that is beautifully simple!  Who needs the simplicity of anger to “fix” a situation when we can just heal our bodies?  And while we are on our journey healing our bodies, we can walk this Earth with the intention of diffusing anger whenever we encounter it.  Everybody wins with one less angry person in this world and one less person feeding the negative collective consciousness. 


Together we stand. xoxo


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