Citronella and Vetiver and Lemon Grass, Oh My!

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Essential oils are such a powerful facet of plant medicine.  You can combine them to do so many different things!  Studies have shown that breathing in essential oils effects one’s state of mind.  You are in effect harnessing the power of the essence of blossoms, roots, leaves, and peels that have been infused by the power of the earth, the sun, the moon, the wind, and nature.  They can be combined to invigorate you, relax you, ground you and so much more.

This month’s highlighted product is the White Light Candle.  We use white beeswax, crystals, and essential oils to support this beautiful candle’s statement of intention:“May this light clear all darkness and emanate a halo of safety and protection around me and those I love.”

The lemon grass, citronella, and vetiver are key in creating the energy this candle emanates.  Lemon grass is a powerful energy cleanser.  It removes energetic blocks in your space, helping positive energy to flow.  In this way it creates a very protective energy field to make room for positive frequencies to blossom.  Citronella is similar to lemon grass in dispelling negative energy, but it removes negativity with repelling action rather than the clearing action of lemon grass.  In essence, lemon grass acts as a river, insisting negativity be carried away on it’s currents, while citronella sends out an energy field that pushes and expels negativity outward in all directions.  Working together, lemon grass and citronella provide an adamantly positive space.  Citronella also helps strengthen positive energy that flows into the space.

Essential oils - citronella, vetiver, lemon grass

The root of the vetiver plant is what is used to make the essential oil and you can feel it in it’s grounding effect!  Vetiver also promotes tranquility, easing anxiety and stress.  It provides an anchor to keep the effects of the other essential oils long lasting.  Grounded energy is not a frequency in which negativity can exist!  The wax used to create these candles is infused with the essential oils and as the wax is heated by the flame, the essential oils are released into the air, creating a vibration of protection, ease, and positivity.

We believe the vibration of the product isn’t just created by the components of the product, but also by the intention of the company that made it, from how that company sources it’s ingredients to the practices that company uses to make it’s product.  We want to provide you with not only high-quality products, but also peace of mind knowing that we genuinely care about you, the people we buy our ingredients from, and the environment.  These essential oils are sourced from a wholesaler that is certified cruelty free, Fairtrade, non-GMO, GMP, HACCP and the essential oils are certified 100% natural and sourced sustainably.  The citronella is also certified wild harvested.

Beeswax Candles Ancient Harmony Healing

We hope this divine, earthy, citrusy candle brings you as much peace and joy as it has brought us.

Thank you!

The AHH Team


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