Hi! Busy mom here! Meditation for me is how I ground myself and set my intentions for being a mother, a wife, and a woman in business. Right now my favorite meditation is done at the gym while I’m in the steam room. I load up all 3 of my toddlers in the morning, which is big stress (navigating tears, diapers, lunches, breakfast….) but I keep the big picture in mind, how good this will be in 2 hours. All 3 then spend their time at the preschool equivalent daycare they have. It’s this synergistic equation of calm knowing my kids are having blast while I am pushing myself physically and then after get to cool down with a solid uninterrupted meditation. I walk out prepared for the day, for this life, mentally and physically. This journey is hard but finding the things that balance and ground you while energizing and motivating you, are the things you must prioritize. Make yourself the priority and choose the happier version of yourself, even if it’s a challenge. The better version of yourself outweighs the stresses of getting there.

I use our meditation mists and energy sprays before working out AND while meditating. Bring the energy lines into your routine to guide you to your best results and then share with us how they’ve helped you. Info@ancientharmonyhealing.com or tag us on Facebook and instagram!