There were two obstacles this week, but they go hand in hand.  This first is in
relation to our dreams and goals (in other words, the things that we want, but
have yet to manifest).  The cards show us that we may have some issues
staying on course this week because we may be too scattered and
unfocused.  The Guides say that we are holding onto patterns that breed
illness or something in our lives that is stagnant.

The Guides ask us to take account of what parts of our lives are no longer working
for us.  Nothing good remains here and it is time to let this part of our
lives go.  The first step is admitting something is not working.  We
must be kind to ourselves in these examinations and acknowledge what we have been
through and see the strength it took to acknowledge that things are not
working.  If we have the strength to see this, we have accessed the
strength to let go and move on.

The next obstacle is in relation to the physical, such as jobs, where you live,
money, and other earthly possessions.  We may have some issues making
physical changes that we know need to happen in order to manifest our dreams.
Changes can take a lot of energy and require focus.

The Guides ask us to plan a vacation, play or do whatever lifts our spirits. 
We are asked to give ourselves a little break.  We need to restore
lightness to our hearts and then the steps we need to take to make changes in
our lives will become clearer and seem possible.

This week’s spirit animal is the bat.  The bat has the ability to move in
darkness.  It only needs a little light to thrive.  Our inner bat has
served us well in that we have been able to survive without much light in our
lives.  When this spirit animal comes, it tells us that we need to honor
our abilities to survive, but now refocus our abilities on guiding ourselves
out of darkness and into the light.

Love you all,