This week we may be faced with a situation or person that engenders self-destructive behavior in us or it could be that we are being asked to look at our own addictions or other self-destructive behaviors.  In the first instance, we must follow our intuition and walk away.  In the second instance, the Guides want you to know that they, and all beings in the realm of light, understand that you have had such great obstacles in your life that your spirit has been beaten down and it is very difficult to cope, but they want you to know that you are special because they know that once you rise from the ashes, you will bring great light to the world and will have a profound impact. Even if you don’t know how to move forward and let go of self-destructive behavior, grasp onto your remaining faith and let the forces of light help you. Now is the time to have faith.  Now is the time to be honest and take that step forward.  You are trading everything for less than nothing, and it is time to stop. 

To help give us strength and refine our inner compass, our Guides ask us to connect with our inner spirit animal, the otter.  The otter loves to play.  It is a joyful creature, resting on its back in the water, absorbing the sun, and swimming through jungles of kelp.  We are asked to make time for ourselves to do something that brings us joy.  If you can’t remember what joy feels like or don’t know what brings you joy, make the intention to begin the journey of discovering what joy means for you and take a step forward. 

Love you all,