This week we are asked to get in touch with our inner strength because it is time to face a fear of ours.  Think about that one thing that you have been putting off because it makes you uncomfortable.  Bring awareness to why you are feeling this way and do what you know you must.  Is the fear really about what you think it is or is it about something else? 

If you are having trouble getting in touch with your strength, look back to a time when you felt the most joyful and secure.  Connect and attune to that feeling and bring it into your present life.   You are a goliath of light and power if you decide that you are.

To help us face our fears, the Guides ask us to get in touch with our inner animal spirit, the mouse. The mouse teaches us to thrive and be resourceful even if we feel we are smaller compared to others.  The mouse may see and be able to take advantage of opportunities that larger animals might take for granted or miss entirely.