Here is a general reading for this week about what obstacles many are facing and how to overcome them.  For these readings, I used a combination of several tarot/animal spirit decks.

There has really been a shift since last week.  This week we should all be feeling a lot more alignment and because of this alignment, we are powerful.  We have connection to our inner knowing, which gives us more information at our fingertips than we ever thought possible.  This week is the week of movement.  We are in our stride now, so we must not focus on the failures of yesterday lest we trip ourselves.  With all our beings and intentions focused to this degree, there is nothing left to do but get in our chariot and ride.

This week’s spirit animal is the owl.  The owl is a portent of good fortune and a sign of inner wisdom.  The owl asks us to trust our inner wisdom and open our arms for all the good that comes our way.