This week we are asked to acknowledge our accomplishments.  For many of us, we don’t give ourselves credit unless we are perfect.  There is no prize for second place in our book, but this way of thinking is faulty because the point of being on this planet is to mess up and learn from it.  Look at all you have learned in just the last five years.  Look at who you were five years ago and compare it to who you are now.  Perhaps you aren’t where you want to be in your life, but you have learned a lot and those tools will serve you helping you get where you want to go.

The world is filled with lessons and examples of how to thrive.  When we climb to the top of a mountain and look down below us, we see that viewing the world from a higher perspective gives us a broader view of the world around us, which also works the same when we view ourselves, others or any situation from a higher perspective.  When we watch ants work together towards a common goal, we see that no matter how small we are, mountains can be built and torn down if we work together.  We live in a playground of lessons.   

Animals have specialized and developed strategies of how to deal with the challenges of living on Earth and we can tune into the energy of those abilities and invoke them within ourselves, which the Guides call getting in touch with your inner animal spirit.  The Guides ask us to connect to our inner animal spirit, the lion. The lion is a noble creature, with an assertive and confident nature.  When a lion sets out on his own, he joins with other young males to help him hunt and when he is strong enough, he forms his own pride and watches over his children and family.  He is comfortable with his power and strength.  Tap into your own power and strength.  Tap into the part of yourself that can look past your judgment and acknowledge that you are on a journey to find your own true home and that you are building your toolbox of life strategies within you.