I love using my abilities as a medium to bring in healing words from the realm of light, our place of origin.  This week the Guides touch on a topic that people struggle with so much: living a balanced life.  Many of us maintain schedules that make it so difficult to decompress.  The stress we feel on a day-to-day basis is so constant that we can’t remember what if feels like to live without it.  Some of us might even be addicted to it because when we are running on high speed, there is no time to process and integrate with some of our more uncomfortable emotions.  This may lead to a feeling of lack of satisfaction because our personal growth is stalled until we get a chance to balance ourselves.  Having worked full time while I got through law school, I can say first hand how difficult pushing this hard is on the spirit and the soul.

The Guides ask us to find a way to bring balance into our lives so that healing and renewal can occur because our ideas and dreams need this nourishment in order to thrive and, in turn, we need our ideas and dreams to manifest in order for us to thrive.  Maybe we can’t set aside our many obligations, but are we feeding into any unhealthy behaviors that might be keeping us out of balance?  Can we face a few of our fears that might be fueling this unhealthy behavior?  We are asked to examine ourselves in this manner.  Take a walk in nature.  Garden for a little while.  Just take a moment to regroup.  We offer “Alone Time” Bath Soaks to support these little breaks.   “Grounding and Purifying Time” Energy Spray might also help you.  I use this Energy Spray at stoplights or wherever I can take a second to focus on it’s statement of intention, “I am setting my roots into a place the nourishes me and ridding myself of all energies and entities that no longer serve my highest purpose.” Then I take in the supportive, healing smell of the essential oils and feeling of the crystals that are infused in this spray.  I love this stuff.

To help us in our self-examination and rebalancing, the Guides ask us to tune in to our tigress inner animal spirit.  Animals have specialized and developed strategies of how to deal with the challenges of living on Earth and we can tune into the energy of those abilities and invoke them within ourselves, which the Guides call getting in touch with your inner animal spirit.  The tigress stays calm and cool, using all elements of her environment to her best advantage.  Instead of being afraid of the darkness, she embraces it and uses it to hunt.