This week we are asked to make room for people that we love.  Call that old friend you’ve been meaning to call.  Go for an outing with your loved ones.  Make space for a chance to connect.  When we honor and nurture our relationships, it makes us stronger because we need each other’s support to truly thrive.  It heals us when we receive love and compassion from another, and it also heals us to give it, but we need to make room in our lives for these interactions. 

 To help us make the space to nurture our relationships, the Guides ask us to get in touch with our inner spirit animal, the wolf.  The wolf has an innate understanding of the importance of community and friendship.  The wolf leans on the connections of other pack members to hunt and provide for itself and the pack, but the wolf also relies on its pack members to play and rest peacefully together in those brief moments when bellies are full and there is nothing that needs to be done but enjoy our time here on Mother Earth.