When I first read through all the Energy Sprays that I had channeled, I was most surprised by “Get Out of My Space” Energy Spray.  It sounded so hostile to me, but since then I’ve realized and experienced that it is more about claiming your space and acknowledging that you are worthy and deserving of boundaries rather than being hostile to energies around you.   When I encounter negative energy, this spray encompasses the two-step process that I use to deal with the energy. 

The first step is claiming my space, my person, and my being as my own.  This is often the most difficult step for me because of one of my core wounds…that I am not good enough.  My ego tells me that because I am not good enough, I don’t deserve to have my own space and I should allow whatever energies I encounter to trample through it.  I have finally realized that my ego is completely nuts.  So, emphatically and with great gusto and joy, I now claim my space.

The second step is letting go.  As the negative energy comes into your space, many of us will literally hold onto it to try to control it or keep it just outside their energy field until they get so tired that it eventually overpowers them and enters their field.  I have done both repeatedly.  It wasn’t until I realized that if I let the negativity pass through me, and stopped trying to control it, that I was really ridding myself of the negativity’s power to control me.  Peace at last!

The statement of intention that goes with this spray is “only I am the ruler of my castle.  I banish you from my space and wish you well on your own.”  You can see that the first part of the statement is the acknowledgment that you have boundaries (your “castle”) and that you are claiming your space.  The second part of the statement, wishing the energy well on it’s own, is letting go.  Because our true nature is just light, neutrality for beings of light is wishing wellness and light to others around us.  It is a manifestation of forgiveness, which is at the core of releasing all negativity.

So please let the energy in this spray, which is supported by crystals and essential oils in each bottle, help you claim back your sacred space.