Sending out light into situations where we may want to do the opposite is a lesson that keeps me astonished by how light elicits the best outcome in situations.  Michael Reccia speaks a lot about this in The Joseph Communications books

I think the key is getting past the urge to contribute anger, frustration, or other emotions that don’t move the situation forward. 

I was recently in a car accident. The other car blew a stop sign and ran right into me! No one was injured and I was soooo thankful my 9-month-old son Jayson was not with me! I was so flustered and in shock that I wasn’t immediately available to feed light into the situation, but there was a man who saw the accident who was an absolute earth angel.   This earth angel pulled over and first checked to make sure we were okay (me and the people in the other car). Then he proceeded to call 911 and direct traffic of some people who were very unhappy to be inconvenienced to go around. He stayed and talked to me gently and his presence kept the whole situation so calm. 


The first thing I did when I got home was spray “Get Out of My Space” Intention Spray and the “Grounding and Purifying Time” Intention Spray to clear my frazzled energy. Then I took a goddess bath with my crystals, candles, and Alone Time Bath Soak.

As I came back to my center, I visualized sending light to the whole situation and everyone involved.

I didn’t want to contribute any negativity into the incident and every time the memory popped up in my head, I just kept sending it light.



Also, anytime I began to feel stress or negativity, I just let it roll through me.  I didn’t try to stop it, but I didn’t try to engage with it either.  Presently, everything has worked out in the best way possible! The other driver took full liability, so I am only working with their insurance company and my car will be good as new in a couple of weeks.

This whole situation has impressed upon me the importance of giving our own light to people that are in need, like the earth angel did for me and other driver, and, if you’re the injured party, of reconnecting to light as soon as possible so that you can feed more light into a situation. 

Light makes all the difference!


Many Blessings xx, Shannon  

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