My relationship with food has seemed to ever evolve. As a child we were fed home cooked meals. We also consumed plenty of what I now know are snacks filled with harsh inflammatory foods that can wreak havoc on the body, citric acid, natural flavors, high sodium, food coloring, high fat. 
After I had my third baby I was hit with debilitating eczema. All my life I have had small patches that flared mostly during my awkward teenage years. Nothing life altering like this. I had weeping, oozing, itchy, inflamed, skin on my face, chest, scalp, and arms. I would break down at the idea that I had no control over this pain and suffering. I found @medicalmedium and dedicated my life and my children’s lives to his protocols. Things that tasted so good or made me feel so whole were the very things making my flare ups worse. 
Here’s the thing though, as a kid I was obsessed with fresh tree, vine, bush, branch ripened fruit I could get my hands on. My father taught me to identify edible plants which ignited a passion for eating them fresh. I knew where every apple, plum, or blackberry bush were located with in my neighborhood and ones that we regularly visited. It called to me, I would sit in the trees gorging myself with fresh fruit. As I got older I still had an affinity with fruit but it became a novelty item and I soon ate more salads over fruits. 
Which leads me to why I knew when I read the @medicalmedium books it was all truth. I am in my second year of healing (March will be my third 🎉) I am in the midst of my second severe flare that’s lasted 4 months. It’s been difficult to overcome and explain why I’m still dedicated to eating so many fruits and veg when I hear, ‘clearly it’s not working’ (🙄). I don’t explain all the other issues that have been healed eating this way, brain fog, fatigue, PMS, the list goes on. I just know it’s truth. My body is doing its healing thing and I will get over this flare a stronger healthier person. 
At this point I see the world differently. I couldn’t imagine going back to a standard American diet. I have changed my relationship with food completely. 
When I need a comfort pick me up like a cookie, which is my weakness, I’ll make a MM friendly version and know I’m not regressing in my healing but yet satisfying my souls need for comfort. As food truly is comforting. It’s the balance of keeping it nourishing and comforting we all seem to be missing.