We have two passions: healing and exploration.  In this Healing Spotlight, we’ve combined those two passions together to explore different healers, products, and methods in a search for physical, mental, and spiritual healing.  We aren’t doctors —just regular folks who want to share our healing experiences with you.  We are not sponsored by any of the healing modalities that we review in order to maintain the highest integrity.

An accurate psychic adviser is worth her weight in gold.  We had to put the Healing Spotlight on Suzanne Smith for this reason.  The AHH Team came across her on a business trip in Kentucky, where she is based.  She came from a professional background in engineering before she was led to help people with her soft, expansive, heart energy and intuitive ability.  We love that she presents herself as a student and a teacher and has dedicated her life to studying and developing her skills.  She has studied with the Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Science in England and with other tutors.

She is highly professional and down-to-earth and offers a wide range of services and is highly accessible online.  One of our AHH Team members took her Reiki I, II, and III classes and found them supportive, informative, and highly enjoyable.  This Team Member also participated in her development classes and found them a sacred and safe space to practice developing her intuitive abilities on other like-minded people.  With all the amazing services Suzanne offers, we wanted to focus on her e-mail readings because we have found them to be affordable, fast, and accurate.

All AHH Team members have participated in her “Year Ahead Tarot Readings” for the last two years and have been so impressed with her accuracy.  Here is what our Team had to say.

“In my reading for 2022, she saw that more money would be going out that coming in for me in the first part of the year.  Boy was she right!  My husband was out of work for four months at the beginning of 2022.  Then she said that later that year, all that I had been working for and putting into place would be coming full circle.  I gave birth to my daughter in August of 2022.  I had been working on fertility protocols for three years because my husband and I had such a hard time conceiving.  All that I had been working towards really did come full circle when my little girl was born!  Suzanne had no idea that I was pregnant or what I had been working towards for so long.  The end of the year brought in stabilization of finances, which was very accurate because my husband got a fantastic job started late that fall, which financially stabilized us.  Her reading for 2022 was so accurate that I was almost afraid to get a reading for 2023, but I did anyway.  It’s early in the year, but again her reading for this year surrounds success in business and letting go of old obstacles, which is completely on point so far.”

“She told me that in Spring of 2022, there was going to be tension and conflict, but not to worry about it because everything would work out in the end.  (She is very positive.)  Sure enough, there was a big, family transition that Spring that caused a lot of tension, but turned out good in the end.  There was a lot of love, positivity, and abundance for the rest of the year, which was very accurate.  Ancient Harmony Healing finally recovered financially from COVID and came into it’s own during that time.  I have also used her e-mail readings and telephone readings with Suzanne that have been so accurate!”

“In the winter, Suzanne said that it would be a time of abundance and being in my power.  That winter, my family and I had just moved to California from the Midwest.  It was a big time of adjustment and uncertainty, but during this time, I had the time and space to heal and focus on what was most important to me.  The move also instigated financial abundance.  The Spring to Summer was said to bring clarity, authority, and I would be very strong in my work and empowered in what I did.  A big family decision was also going to be made in this timeframe.  During this time, I received further clarity about moving from where we were in California to a town that was closer to my husband’s work and that was better for my family in general and I found a lot of personal power and authority within myself to facilitate the move.  For the last part of the year, Suzanne said that another big change would be coming.  I became pregnant that winter!”

To find out more information about Suzanne checkout her website:  Suzanne Smith, Psychic Medium Teacher & Healer (intuitivesuzanne.com).


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