How Can We Fight Darkness? A Message from the Angels

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Mindfulness + Spirituality | 0 comments

It’s a scary time to be an American right now.  With the violence and rioting in our nation’s capital to the smaller individual attacks that have been going on, it feels overwhelming.  What can we do?  How can we fight darkness?  I reached out to the angels this morning to ask them how to move forward.  Sometimes they communicate with me in images or mental impressions, sometimes words, and sometimes in feelings, or a combination of all of these things.  This was the message I got:

You have each been brought into this world with special gifts and in a time and place where those gifts can be used to their greatest effect.  Now is the time to use those gifts to expand the influence you already have.  Don’t underestimate the power of being who you are in the light.  Those that you fight against are who they are in the darkness.  Be who you are in the light to bring them out of the darkness.  This doesn’t necessarily mean direct action, it may for some of you, but not all of you.  If your gift is music, it may mean expanding your influence of light through that medium.  If you work in the services industry, it may mean more joy and kindness in all interactions you have with individuals throughout the day.  If you are in politics or feel guided to get involved in politics, walk that path with a well-grounded fairness, justice, clemency, and a vision towards the bright reality that could be the reality of all.  Release all pettiness and grudges.

Yes, push yourselves to be more, but not to be more of someone else.  Be more of who you already are in the light.  There is a greater framework than you can fathom, a greater pattern that spirals upwards that is made of each of your gifts and influence.  Just be yourself! How simple and beautiful is that?

You may worry that because others act with such vigor and righteousness in the darkness, believing only in their own way of being, that you or others may become as lost as they are.  What is “right” after all?  Being “right” is an ego-driven state of being because you judge others as being wrong.  First, let go of your judgment of others and instead focus on yourself.  Second, know that you cannot become lost if you use the compass you were born with.  That compass is your heart center.  If you connect with it on a regular basis, you will only be lead on the upward spiral. Following your compass takes courage, but in the end, it will never lead you wrong.  Again, you cannot become lost if you use your compass.

Now is the time to listen more to your compass and our guidance.  Think of listening to your compass as being akin to creating the foundation to a building.  Listening is the foundation of the building and action is the building itself.  With a good foundation, your building will be sound, safe, and bring shelter to those that need it.  So listen to determine what action to take to let your gifts unfold for the greater good of all.

Many blessings. xoxo



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