We are in the midst of the holiday season in the middle of COVID.  People are dying.  Businesses are dying and there is so much sadness, depression, anxiety, and panic in the air.  We can’t gather the way we used to, to alleviate the feeling of being alone and lost.  We can’t celebrate the way we used to, which can feel like a death sentence all in it’s own to some people. 

It’s in these times that recognizing what our sphere of influence is can save us, along with patience, faith, and support.  I think the first time I heard the term “sphere of influence” was from Dr. Wayne Dyer about twenty years ago.  In functionality, it means to put your energy towards what you can influence or effect.  For example, if your business is going under and you have done everything you can to save it, recognize the value of the efforts you have put in and let go.  The sun has set today, but it will rise again tomorrow.  This moment where you feel loss is just a moment.  You will have an opportunity to thrive again.  Let go and focus on the horizon.  The death of something you have poured your heart and soul into is devastating, but after death is rebirth.


While you give yourself space to mourn, allow yourself to focus on what is working in your life. 

  • Write down everything that is working. 
  • Then write down things you would like to improve that are within your sphere of influence and get started on them. 
  • Start your day with the affirmation “I am making myself strong and vibrant in my new life” and take steps to create your new beginning. 

A step can be just a gesture, like preparing a meal for yourself with love or taking a healing bath or cleaning out your closet.  Each little step will build and build until one day you will realize that you’re blooming! 

While you heal, bring the phrase “I will be patient” into your affirmations, prayers, and intentions. This is an amazing phrase because it reorients the mind to a place of stillness and peace rather than panic.  Tune into your heart center and see how it feels when you say it.  There is a sense of release there because it is another facet of acknowledging your sphere of influence.  You will play your part, but you will be patient for the Universe to bring your intentions into manifestations. I have been tacking it onto all my prayers and affirmations lately.


Support is so important in these times and one thing that is in our sphere of influence is the ability to reach out for support—pick up the phone, get on social media, join online groups, spend time with your animals, get out and feel the support of nature, and reach out for spiritual support.

For spiritual support, I love the list of angels in the Medical Medium’s first book, Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal.  He also shares that to be heard by the angels, you must pray out loud because it’s difficult for them to sift through everything going on in our crazy minds.  Try praying to the Angel of Light.  Ask her to infuse you with light, thank her, and tell her that you will be patient.  Also, pray to the Angel of Faith to help connect you to your faith.

Be well.  Stay well.  I love you all.  xoxo, Erin



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