The bees are buzzing and roses are blooming, and from these beautiful roses we distill rose hydrosol (aka rose water).  Our roses are handpicked and slowly hydro-distilled in small batches in a glass still.  We use a combination of fruity, sweet smelling roses and also roses that perfume the air with the heady, rich smell of antique rose, resulting in a gorgeous and complex rose scent.  Many of the rose hydrosols you buy on the market have been distilled twice to remove as much of the rose essential oil as possible, but ours is distilled only once to ensure a strong and high-quality hydrosol.  This amazing liquid is wonderful as a skin-soothing facial toner.  I also like spraying it on my face and neck as a refresher during the day or on my pillow at night to help me relax into sleep.  Our seasonal hydrosol line will be up for grabs soon and those that come to our events will have the first chance to purchase them before they sell out.   Check out our events page for more information!