We hear people talk about how important intention is all the time and a lot of us have experienced how important intention is in our day-to-day lives.  If we go into a combative situation with the intention of healing it, a lot of times we can diffuse it.  If we set the intention to find joy in our day, we will find it.  So we intrinsically know that intention is a focusing point through which we pour our power as creative beings.  Power cannot be manifested without intention.


Intention is put into everything we eat 

I was talking to an AHH co-founder last week and she brought up the point that intention is put into everything we eat.  I often think about when the Medical Medium explained how all plants have souls.  They are different than our souls, but they have them, and a plant that bears food for us to eat hasn’t fulfilled it’s soul’s purpose unless the fruit it gives is eaten.  That plant has an intention.  It’s intention is to provide food.  If we go further than that, and look at how each natural food has something to teach us, we can expand our understanding of the intention put into creating fruits and veggies and other natural healing foods.  For example, in Life-Changing Foods, the Medical Medium shares how apples help us connect to a sense of sanctuary, cranberries promote a cheery disposition, and potatoes offer us a sense of foundation and strength.  How loved are we to have all these healing foods created and grown for us?  Although, each healing food addresses a different facet of healing, the intention behind them all is a deep, unchallengeable love. 

When we interact with another’s positive intention, it can influence us for the better.  It can ignite light inside of us.  In the same way, when we interact with healing foods, it changes us for the better and ignites a light within us because of the beautiful intention used to create that food.


 What about processed foods? 

Think about the energy behind processed food.  It was made with the intention to financially benefit the maker.  Period.  The maker wants you to become addicted to it so you will buy more.  The maker wants that comfort you get from eating it to be that of satisfying your addiction.  Your health and wellness isn’t considered.  That intention is extended to us when we consume food that has that energy around it.  It dims our light.

I am not condemning eating processed food in that I understand how stressful life can be and I understand that if you bring in more healing food options, it can feel like swimming upstream sometimes because it might make others around you uncomfortable and it can take more time, money, and effort to eat better. I get it.  All I am saying is try to throw an apple or a banana in the mix.  Try to replace one food that was created with dark intentions with a food that was created with love so that you can start to build yourself up.  If you need support or ideas about how to incorporate better foods, reach out to us.  We want to help you build yourself up with light and life. 






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