1:1 Virtual Intuitive Life Coaching 

with intuitive healer & medium, Erin Morales

Erin Morales, Intuitive Healer

Erin Morales

I believe that healing is a continual process of truth finding.  The truth is that we are each perfect beings of light.  Sometimes we get lost down here on Earth, but healing is remembering our true nature.  I use a number of different modalities to help people, from guided meditations, to channeled messages, to hands-on light healing, to Reiki, to spiritual coaching.

I can help people clear energy blocks with light healing or Reiki, but I have found that using all the healing modalities together is most effective because clearing energy only works as long as the belief that created the energy in the first place is shifted.  Otherwise, the energy that ailed the person in the first place will be recreated.  

My journey on the path of healing and my path to being a healer started at a young age.  As I grew, I began to understand that I was a sensitive.  I could feel what others were going through just by a glance at them and heard messages coming in for them before I understood what to do with that information.  I spent a lot of my younger years feeling confused and isolated.  In my twenties, I ended up going into the field of law and went to law school.  It wasn’t until after I graduated that I had the opportunity to take some time off and heal a lifetime of rejecting my gifts and myself.  The foundation of my healing was nurturing my body with healing, restorative foods while my mind, spirit and soul mended.

I am still on a healing journey, and part of that journey is sharing, teaching, learning, and being my most authentic self.  I would love to help you on your journey to being your most authentic, glowing, beautiful self! xoxo

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