This magical crystal came into my life while traveling north and I stopped into my favorite coffee shop.  I would drive hours just to be able to hang out at @steephopland coffee shop where they’ve combined crystals, coffee and tea. It feels so good.

There sitting on a table as I entered the pearl essence rainbow 🌈 in this beauty caught my eye. I picked it up and felt a giggle and warmth in my root chakra. This had to come home with me. Labradorite Crystal is grounding, it brings protection from negativity, enhances consciousness and spiritual intuition, it stimulates imagination guiding you into your best version of self. Leaning into this crystal created big shifts of positivity for me. It opened doors to creativity, happiness, and allowed me to clearly navigate negative emotions. Labradorite is used in our Releasing the Shackles empowerment energy spray. Lean into this spray when you need its support, the crystals, essential oils and light energy will guide you toward healing.