Channeled message: 1/23/19

Let your light shine bright.  You each were given invaluable gifts to bring into this world.  These gifts are of the light and for the light.  They are intended to lift your spirit and the spirits of those around you.

You were all born oriented towards the light, but instances can happen all around you that may cause you pain and cause disconnection from the light.  It is expected on Earth.  Do not think you have done anything wrong because you
feel pain or become disconnected.   

The treasure in this pain is the opportunity to awaken to compassion and, thus, the lessening of judgment.  You may have judged another for behavior you
disapproved of in your past, but today you may understand the behavior because you now know the suffering beneath it. The judgment then dissipates, and you are suddenly able to embrace and send love to yourself and others through the birth of your compassion, increasing the light of all. 

Another important opportunity that pain brings is that every time you overcome it and take a step forward with the intention of walking in the light, you enhance your strength.  Then with each subsequent experience of pain, you grow in love, compassion and strength, until such a time that there is no need for pain and it will no longer be able to touch you. 

Use and see pain as a tool and rise.  Your accomplishments, no matter how
small you think they may be, are written in the timelessness for all to see and we
rejoice every time you grow.  We love you and we are forever here for you.