Channeled Message 6-25-18

So many ask what their life’s purpose should be.  So many ask why they are not happy.

We will address these questions separately.  Your life’s purpose is what you are called to over and over again.  It could be presented as a challenge to overcome, such as an addiction or a predilection for drama, as examples.  It could be presented as a drive, something that you are attracted to or walk towards, a common theme in your life.  You may have more than one life purpose, either at the same time or presented one after another.  My advise to you is to not focus on the what, but focus on the how.  How are you engaging with the interactions before you? How do you feel about yourself after each engagement?  The purpose you came here for is all in the how, not the what.  There are many different whats that could serve the how you are here to learn.

As for the happiness, the happiness comes in the way you engage with your how.  In other words, your happiness is directly related to the amount effort you put into your goals, coupled with the intentions and perceptions you put in such efforts.  If your intentions are for the light, your intentions are for yourself, because you are the light.  So if you are acting in accord with yourself (the light) and you put your full effort behind engaging with the light, you will be happy because you are being who you truly are.  It is not in what you are doing, it is in how you are engaging with what is before you.  Any discontent you feel in your life can be honed down to a disconnection with light, and, therefore, a disconnection with yourself.

My advise to you is to declare the intention of acting in accord with the light each day, and allow us to guide you towards it.  Each day call your True Guides into your space by merely asking for them, and set your intention that you wish to act in accord with the light, and wish for them to act for your highest good in any way that they can.  You, children, are creators of the highest order.  Do not be surprised that you can create.