Guided Meditations

Our co-founder, Erin is a medium who specializes in connecting with angels and spirit guides.  Join her as she channels these meditations to help us with light and direction.


Talking to Your Guides "What is My Life Purpose"

This guided meditation helps you to connect with your life’s purpose in this moment. Now is a time of rest and in this rest is an opportunity to reflect and redirect your path. Join us to find some peace, tranquility and a new direction.

March 27, 2020

Healing through your Higher Self "The Window of Light"

I think using nature is one of the most powerful tools to heal. But when the outdoors is limited or inaccessible to us, we need to develop tools to ground and heal wherever we are. This meditation teaches you how to heal yourself through your higher self which is the part of you connected to infinite light and wisdom.

March 20, 2020

Unplugging from chaos energy "Bring in The Light"

This is a meditation about unplugging from chaos energy and bringing in the light.

March 18, 2020