I am on day 7 of the @medicalmedium 3:6:9 Liver Cleanse. I am feeling pretty good today! But the most amazing thing about doing these cleanses and using MM protocols is how my joints have healed. I used to love trail running, but had to stop when I was in my late twenties because my knees would become so inflamed after a jog. I thought it was just bad genetics and tried to find other ways to get exercise. Then I went back to school and was working full time and going to school full time for the next ten years. I felt worse and worse and started putting on the pounds. Excercise hurt me. I found that our culture is especially cruel to overweight women. I had family members ask me why I couldn’t exercise more or eat less and I could tell they didn’t believe me when I told them that exercise hurt my joints…even yoga. To add insult to injury, I was eating better than most of the people that were judging me. Then came @medicalmedium. I remember vividly the night my faith that I could heal was restored. Light literally poured into my body and I felt like I was glowing. Then the world became a very different place for me because I saw everything through the lens of that light and I began to heal. Yesterday, I went on a three mile jog. I woke up this morning, almost holding my breath, and gingerly bent my knees, wait for the feeling of swelling and pain. There was none. Zero. Nada. I got out of bed and smiled down at my new jogging shoes. Time to put some mileage on those babies!! 👟 No matter what you hear out there, I just wanted to tell you that @medicalmedium protocols work. Every single co-founder of AHH has healed some kind of major illness using them, from lupus to neurological twitching to ezcema. Don’t let the negative stories from others get between you and your healing❤️