When I am procrastinating or afraid, my Guides have always told me to start working on the thing that bothers me the most because until I do, I will live “in the energy of it” until I face it.  This post is me following their advice because it requires exposing the path I have walked to become the person I am today, and I believe it is important for those that read my posts to know my background.  

For most of my life, I have felt very different from people around me because of my abilities.  I am an empath, a medium and a clairvoyant.  My great grandmother also had these abilities and I was lucky enough to have her in my life until I was thirteen.  Once she died, I went off the deep end because I felt like my compass and guide had suddenly vanished.  

I was tormented by her death and because I was in so much pain, I lost my ability to ground myself and started attracting dark energies to me.  I was tormented by entities both day and night and never told anyone.  I wanted so badly to be “normal.”  I turned to drugs and alcohol to block out my abilities and my pain, and by the time I was fifteen, I began experimenting with heroin.  I was a full-blown addict by my sixteenth birthday. 

By the grace of the Light and the love of my family, just after I turned twenty-one, I managed to enroll myself in a methadone treatment program and was sober and off methadone about a year and a half later. 

I threw myself into health and fitness and took every dance class I could find, but I still didn’t really know what to do with my abilities.  To support myself, I got the most straight-laced job I could find for someone with only a high school diploma.  I became a legal secretary.  Then I decided the best way to deal with my abilities was to throw myself into hard work.  I thought that if I worked hard enough, I could overcome them. I went back to school.   I sat in class and ignored the fact that I could see auras and light orbs and all manner of things.  Normal people didn’t see stuff like that, and I wanted to be accepted and loved by my peers.  I worked full time and went to school full time all through my bachelor’s degree.  Then I went to law school and proceeded to work full time for the first two years.  (For any of you that have gone to law school, you know that this means I literally had eighty-hour work weeks.) 

I gained a ton of weight and got really sick.  My doctors threw around labels like “lupus” and “genetic disorder,” but deep down I knew what really ailed me: it was my exhaustion coupled with not being true to who I really was. 

I had to put down my glasses and law books and take a good hard look at my life.  It had been such a difficult and lonely life, with only brief patches of sun and light.  I had to face the fact that I had created it.  And I also realized that the fact that I had created it wasn’t yet another crime to add on my list of all the things that were wrong with me.  It was an awakening that I could change any time I wanted to change. 

Just prior to graduating law school, I was sitting on the couch one night with my laptop on my lap, writing an outline for a mock deposition in one of my classes.  I went into kind of a trance and when I awoke out of it, I looked at my computer screen and realized that I had written recipes for energy sprays, bath soaks, lip balms, soaps, candles, and more.  Each recipe had a statement of intent that went with each product.  I felt an intense light and heat burning in my chest and I clearly heard a voice tell me that these products were meant to be put successfully out into the world to support those that needed them. 

I told my mom and sister about what had happened.  My sister Shannon, who has amazing abilities in her own right, got my mom and I moving on putting these products out in the world for all of you, and so Ancient Harmony Healing was born. The three of us are working hard on making more and more of the products that I channeled on that night.  The core message that the Guides want all of us to know is that what we think matters and that we really do create our realities.  It is more important now than ever before to practice intentional thinking and our products are one tool to help remind you to be an intentional person and are created with stone, plant and light energies to help support specific intentions. 

In addition to these products, I have been actively engaging with my Guides and one of the amazing things they have told me is that there was some kind of energetic shift several years ago and now everyone is a medium, empath and clairvoyant and they want me to share with you how to step into your evolution as a light being in a physical body.    

Embracing who I really am has been the most enlightening, satisfying, and amazing experience of my life.  Some of my law school friends no doubt think I am nuts, and the truth is I used to be.  Not being who you are is the hardest thing in the entire world and it is crazy.  I tried it.  It sucks and it doesn’t work.  Being who you are, however frightening it is, is the key to true success in all facets of life. 

Whoever you are called to become, there is a place for you here and in this world. There is a family here, and we truly need what you have to offer.  We need you to shine as brightly as you can, even if it makes other people uncomfortable.  You are probably just reminding them that they haven’t been true to who they really are. 

Stay strong and take this journey with me.  Love you guys! 

Also, our newest energy spray just came out. It is called Releasing the Shackles Empowerment Spray.  Here is the statement of intent that goes with it: “I choose to see the light and lesson in each obstacle before me.  I choose to grow instead of wither.  My freedom lies in these choices.  Stepping towards them is stepping into them. I am stepping now.”  I used it right before I wrote this blog to help me move past my fear of exposure.  Yay!!