Our Mission

 Our mission is to improve the body’s spiritual and physical well-being by providing spiritual affirmation and meditation products and the highest quality nature-based, crystal-infused body care products.  We want more than anything to support others in their healing journey and spiritual journey, which we believe are the same thing.

100% Nature-Based Pure Intentional Wellness

Intentions & Moon Phases

Our Intention products each have a unique statement of intention that is supported by crystals and essential oils.  The Intention Line products are made under the synergistic moon phase unique to the statements of intention. 


All crystals used in our products are cleared before use and charged in the sun. We use the sun’s light, sea salt, and specific instruments to make sure that the crystals are in the purest energetic state. Crystals are full of energy, vibrations, and frequencies and clearing and charging them before use means they’re at their optimum healing power.

Essential Oils

We use only high quality, luxurious essential oils sourced from companies that prize sustainability.

We are highly aware of our carbon footprint and are extremely selective with which companies we source our materials from.  We also minimize our use of plastic as much as possible and donate a portion of every sale to our Give Back to the Bees non-profit organization.