Nature-based products made to empower, inspire and support the highest intentions for all.


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Intention Sprays

Made during the synergistic moon phase according to the statement of intention, the combinations of essential oils, and crystal infusions, bringing you a deep healing experience with every spray.


These sprays help balance oil glands and refresh your skin all while leaving a floral scent on your pillow aiding in a good night’s sleep.

Sensitive Skin Care

Our crystal-infused clean skincare line uses the highest quality, shelf-stable ingredients to provide you with a preservative free, high vibrational skin cleansing and moisturizing experience.

Bath Soaks

Made during the synergistic moon phase according to the statement of intention, the combinations of essential oils and healing salts provide a grounding and healing bathing experience.

Gem Balm Lips

Made with the purest oils and natural beeswax, these gem-infused lip balms provide deep moisture and leave a dewy gloss on your lips.

Anointment Oils

Each roller comes with a unique statement of intention, which is supported by the gentle fragrance of essential oils and infused crystal healing power for a quick deep healing experience.


Enjoy the subtle sweet scent of 100% natural beeswax and essential oils while lifting your spirit with the high vibes of cleared crystals, creating a space of warmth, love, and unity.

” We are passionate about bringing a cleaner future to everyday skin care by creating products that nourish the soul, elevate your healing experience and lift your vibrations.” – Founders of Ancient Harmony Healing


The Founding four

We are a women owned and operated family business.  Our family has been dedicated to spiritualism and light energy work of all kinds for four generations, and from that we bring to fruition Ancient Harmony Healing. We want to bring products into this world that empower, inspire, and support the highest intentions for all.

100% Nature-based pure intentional wellness

All our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, pure and unaltered from nature with NO toxic preservatives. We use crystal infusion and create our products according to the synergistic moon phase. We source high quality oils from companies that prize sustainability and minimize our use of plastic as much as possible. A portion of every sale is donated to our Give Back to the Bees non-profit organization.

Events & Facial Parties

We love to educate our customers face-to-face and reveal the full potentials of our products. Join us at one of our local pop-up shop events or host a unique facial party with a guided cleansing routine.

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Healing The Gap Between Judgement And Fear

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Diffusing Anger + Cultivating Joy

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Giving Light To People In Need

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