Practicing conscious attunement is extremely important because it is what allows us to
actually get behind the steering wheel of our lives.  It allows our bodies
to be in the space of one type of energy resonance while our entire being
maintains a different energy resonance of our choice because we are consciously
connecting with it.

It is important to keep our energy frequencies high because not only is it
blissful to live in that state of being, but it is easier for our guides to
reach us and for us to ask questions and get support from our guides. 

We are actually very adept at attuning our energy.  We do it unconsciously
all the time.  For example, when we go to see a horror movie, we are seeking
out the feeling of fear, and as we watch the movie and become afraid, we have
attuned to the energy we sought—our state of being becomes fear.

We might also be bouncing around from one task to another with high energy
underlined with anxiety, but then a friend who is having a hard time calls
us.  We might slow down our energy and become compassionate so that we may
bring comfort to our friend.  This is being confronted with the energy of
the friend and then choosing to attune to the energy of compassion to bring
that frequency into our friend’s energy field.  Our state of being then
becomes compassion.

The first step in conscious attunement is training your mind to become
conscious of what you are feeling because every feeling you have is an energy
that has a frequency.  Consciousness takes practice before it becomes
automatic. There are so many times during the day that our energy frequency
changes while we are dealing with our hectic, busy days, so we go on autopilot
and don’t notice small changes and fluctuations, but it is possible to grow
your consciousness muscle to the point where you can choose to attune to a
frequency of your choice and consciously stay connected to that energy while
you go about your day.

Start each day stating your intention to stay conscious of any energy
fluctuations.  In the beginning, setting a timer to go off every hour or
so to check in with how you feel might be helpful.  Use whatever tools
work for you to remind yourself to check in.  If you notice your energy
has significantly changed, think back to what caused the change.  Get to
know yourself and how you respond to the world around you.  This doesn’t
mean you need to engage with everything you notice.  Just notice it for

On a side note, my Guides just mentioned that many people have trouble with step
one because many people don’t believe they are important enough, which may
translate to “I have too much to do,” “I don’t have time,” etc.  Those are
all lies that you have picked up along the way.  You have thirty seconds
to check in with yourself throughout the day.  What you have to offer
can’t fully manifest unless you become conscious and what you have to offer is
priceless and precious.  Priceless and precious.  Do not
deprive yourself of blooming into your full potential and do not deprive the
world from what you have to offer.

The second step is practicing conscious attunement.  Find a piece of
nature that you are drawn to (favorite tree, plant, creek, lake, ocean) and
connect to the piece of nature by envisioning a cord reaching out from your
heart center and connecting with the object before you.  Then wait and
watch what happens in your body and being.  Let yourself become fully
immersed in it.  Attune to it.  You have the capability to
attune so adeptly that your energy can fully resonate with nature.  In
essence, you can become one with it.  The benefit of attuning to nature is
that it is one of the master transmuters of negative energy. Practice this
attunement in the presence of the object at first.  Then practice
connecting to the object when you are physically separated from it with the
same visualization you used when you were in it’s presence (reach your heart
cord out and connect it to the piece of nature and watch what happens within
your body and being). 

Step three is attuning to energies that may seem a little more abstract to you,
like the energy of the sun, energy of the moon or the energy of Mother
Earth.  You already have an innate connection to all these energies. 
Envision your heart cord connecting with the sun, moon or earth and pay
attention to any energy shifts in your body.  Next, practice connecting to
your guides.  If you don’t believe in guides, try practicing connecting to
“the light.”  Do this with an open heart and mind, and see what happens to
your body and being.

Step four is the practice of attuning yourself to an energy of your choice while
you’re out and about in your day-to-day life.   Stay conscious about
the shifts in your emotions so that you can navigate your state of being, and
therefore your life, by connecting to energies that you choose to connect to
rather than unconsciously riding the wave of whatever you bump into during your

Personally, I choose to maintain a conscious connection to my Guides and the Light, not only
because it feels amazing, but because I remember what it was like before I was
able to establish strong connections with them.  I was literally a bottle
being tossed around in a violent sea.  There is so much more for us to
experience than misery, but we must choose to see in order to elevate

 Love you all.  Take care of each other.