My husband and I take our dogs on doggy adventures in the hills of our hometown every night.  There is one hike in particular that keeps popping up in my head because part of the hike is through an old cemetery that leads to our trailhead.  The energy of cemeteries feel so strange to me and spending time each week in one got me to inquire deeper into what I was feeling.  It’s not a particularly spiritually active one, as cemeteries go, so that couldn’t explain my discomfort.  Then I realized that I felt like there was an energetic disconnection in that little plot of land, like it existed out of nature.  It was as though the part of the cycle that is death was twisted, slowed down, and kept from moving through its journey.

I tried to imagine what a cemetery would be like if everyone not only knew that there was life after death, but could still communicate with loved ones that had crossed over.  Then I had a vision of a place that had no mausoleums, stone heads, or manicured lawn, but had trees bursting with life and meadows perfumed with wildflowers—a place where people could go and be embraced by nature so they could get grounded, connect with light, and commune with their loved ones.

Quote by Erin MoralesThis vision made me realize that we create spaces of stagnation when we can’t connect to our true selves and the guidance that is constantly trying to contact us.  This stagnation creates a noise all of its own and we have so many other noises around us all the time.  It can feel so hard to connect, but when we do connect, there can be this sense of invincibility, which I think is the truth about our vulnerability—at our core we are not vulnerable to anything.

I am on my own journey of reconnecting, and I find that connecting is a process of letting go of things that do not serve me.  It’s a constant kind of spiritual Feng Shui.  Light is the constant.  The clutter on top of it just makes us think it’s not there and when we let go of the clutter the light beneath shines through.

In my most connected moments, I fear nothing—not death, not losing possessions, not money, just nothing.  Everything seems so simple suddenly.  I constantly remind myself when I get yanked back into the stagnation and clutter that the truth, which is the light beneath it all, is always there for me, just waiting for me to reconnect.

It can be the little things that reconnect me, like cleaning out clutter in my home, walking my dogs, having a warm exchange with another person, meditating, studying crystal healing methods, writing in my gratitude journal, studying Medical Medium texts.  These little acts remove my inner stagnation.  It amazes me how the smallest things can move mountains energetically.  I hope that each of you finds a little time to move mountains this week.

xoxo Erin



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