This crystal made its way into our home after another special stop at our favorite crystal, coffee and tea shop. We needed some rejuvenating time out of the car so I took my youngest with me into the @steephopland. I showed her the crystal-lined shelves as we walked around. She reached for this beautiful Smoky Quartz. The instant feeling of content she felt when she held this crystal resonated deeply. So we took it with us. She held it for the rest of the car ride (we’re taking hours!). It sits on her dresser in her room to this day.  
Smoky Quartz protects from negative energy by absorbing it and releasing it back into the earth to be neutralized. It is a grounding crystal that brings strength and stability. It elevates your root chakra and brings clarity. It has the power to lift negative energy as if it were smoke allowing your intuition, insight and instincts to amplify. Smoky Quartz also enhances physical connection to the current world and aids in deep healing. Bringing this crystal into your life during times of duress, whether it be work or personal, will help guide you. This crystal is in our “Releasing the Shackles” empowerment energy spray. Bring this spray into your life during times of judgement and emotional strain to help you be released from the shackles that hold you back.

Love, Annika