The Love Box: Attracting More Love Into Your Life

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When it comes to attracting more love into your life, either by finding a new love or renewing an old love, it’s all about energy and your state of mind.  This Love Box was curated to help uplift you, give you confidence, let go of destructive patterns, and move forward with receptivity to loving yourself and receiving love from another, all the ingredients needed to welcome love into your life!

Our Ready for Change Bath Soak invites you bring the ritual of meditative bathing into your life.  It has a delicious earthy, citrus-sweet fragrance, with pure essential oils and bath salts that support the statement of intention: “I am ready to let go of what no longer serves me and I welcome future growth and success.”  Let this intention sink down into your very being and take another meditative bath any time you feel you need to renew your intention.

Intention Spray Ancient Harmony Healing

Next, Releasing the Shackles Anointment Oil is all about shifting your perspective by acknowledging all you have learned from your hardships and choosing to use those lessons to grow and flourish.  It’s about letting go of old patterns and stepping into the light.  Anoint your neck, wrists, and heart with this beautiful oil and say the statement of intention on the bottle at least twice a day to help reorient your energy.  This oil is divinely scented with pure essential oils of jasmine, rose geranium, sweet orange, bergamot, frankincense, and sandalwood.  The oil also contains a combination purified and charged crystals of moonstone, lemon quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, aragonite, and labradorite.

To add a sweet and sensual element to the box, we’ve included our Honey Sweet Gem Balm Lips, made with pure, nourishing oils, raw wildflower honey, and beeswax.  It provides a plump gloss to the lips, making them soft and supple.  The oils used to make this balm were infused with rose quartz and amethyst to bring in the energy of love and light. Apply this balm multiple times a day to naturally extenuate your beautiful lips!

Attracting more love into your life

Lastly, bring all this healing and love energy together with a spray that is all about connecting to your confidence so you can manifest what you desire.  Our Oh Yes I Can! Intention Spray brings together the power of lemon, grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon grass essential oils to create a truly invigorating and joyful scent, while carnelian, tiger’s eye, and rose quartz crystals put out the frequency of inner power founded in love and light!  Say the statement of intention and spray over the crown of your head or in whatever space you’re in: “I have the power within me to manifest what is most important to me.”  You deserve love and you have the power to bring it into your life!

We hope using these products brings you as much joy as we experienced making them for you!

Many blessings, xoxo,

The AHH Team



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