Channeled Message 6-24-18

Life can be described as this: You sit on a seat before counsel of observers who see all that you are.   You do not know that they are there.  You see, but only see small flashes of light given to you through a filter of stories.  You hear, but most of you only hear fear, contorted in the filter of and subject to your story.  You are light, but only if you connect with the light, only if you recognize that you are light, otherwise you block out the light.  Since you are light, you block out who you are.

 Your lives are spent in a winding maze, the things of nightmares or the things of possibility, depending on your story and how much light you allow yourself to see.  There is so much that you chose before you inhabited your body, so many agreements that you have made that you have forgotten.  Before you turn to bitterness and anger when you ask the unnamed Great Spirit in the sky, “Why?  Why?  Why?” you must first ask yourself, what is this “Why” worth because if the Why is worthwhile, do you really need to understand it at this moment?

 The worth of the Why is no less than yourself.  You are a being of love and compassion.  What price you would put on an act of love and compassion?  When you truly see an act of love and compassion between one entity and another, what is that worth?  If there was a home for you, a home with a candle lit in the window, a home in which you could truly rest your head, how much would that home be worth?  How much would that home cost if you were to sell it?  The truth is that only an insane person would sell such a home because the only peace available resides within this home.   The only home is this home.  The home is you and you are the home.

 The reason for “Why” resides in the fact that you cannot remember that you belong to this home.  Your only mission is to see this truth.  Your only mission is to come home.  The only way to come home is to live a life of happiness for the higher good, and you will know when you get near to what this means because then and only then will you feel peace.  Walk towards the peace, children.  It is the only thing that matters.

 — Azakae