All of our products have
holistic ingredients, are handcrafted, environmentally sustainable, and are
made with intention, light, and love. Listed in the photograph from top to
bottom and right to left:

  • Minty Spring Gem Lip Balm
    Honey Sweet Gem Lip Balm
    Grounding & Purifying Time Energy Spray
    Oh Yes I Can! Empowerment Spray
    Releasing the Shackles Empowerment Spray
    Get Out Of My Space! Energy Spray
    Loss Bath Soak
    Alone Time Bath Soak
    Ready for Change Bath Soak

We also have our face toners, refresher sprays,
and mediation mists handmade with hydrostilled plant matter from our organic
garden. We have many more products on the horizon, such as our anointment oils,
soaps, and skincare line! We are so excited to bring our creations to this
world and share them with all of you. Please check out our website for further