Spring is upon us and we have been out collecting plants and herbs for our seasonal hydrosol collection, which should be up on our website by early summer.  For those of you that don’t know, hydrosols are made by piping steam through plant matter and then condensing the steam back to it’s liquid water form.  As the steam rises through the plant matter, it collects the essential oil from the plant and when the steam is condensed back to it’s liquid form (water), most of the essential oil is separated from the water.  The separated essential oil can then be collected from the water, but the pure water that remains still has small amounts of the essential oil dispersed throughout it and that is our hydrosol!

All the plants used to make the hydrosols are hand picked by us.  We hope to bring you the scents and feeling of nature wherever you are!  Yesterday, I spent the day at my cousin’s beautiful pristine ranch out in Petaluma, California (see the pics above.)  She generously helped me pick these beautiful stocks of peppermint!  I will be steam distilling these in small batches to ensure the highest quality peppermint hydrosols and they will be made with care and joy.  These will be great to spritz on the face and neck during those hot summer months.  Peppermint hydrosol is much gentler than the essential oil and many use it as a skin toner on the face and/or body or as a gentle natural deodorant.  We’ll keep you updated!