Your Source of Power

When you focus on self as the source of power, rather than the creator, you essentially limit your power by operating under the belief that your power is yours alone.

Yes, you have free will to exercise as yours alone, but you are more akin to a facet of a diamond, rather than as a separate jewel.  You may dictate the vibration and perspective of your facet, but you are irrevocably connected to all other facets because you are all part of the same jewel.

It is only when all facets exercise their will to acknowledge they are all part of the same jewel, that their full power can be realized.

In practice, you must:

  • Acknowledge that you have the power
  • Allow the strength of your true power to flow through you by acknowledging that it is not yours alone.

Pray to the light that resides at your core to release you from this false sense of ownership, and thus a false sense of who and what you truly are.  Step into the light, child.  It is waiting.